Thursday, October 6, 2011

Start With Yourself Vol II - Guidelines

Start With Yourself Vol II
7 October, Stanley Beach, 1-10 pm
How to Get to the Beach:
There are two entrance gates to the Beach. The First one is located in the parking of 007 Café. The second one is located at the end of the tunnel which you use to pass the street. At the end of the tunnel you will find two exits one takes you directly to the beach and the other takes you up to the Street.
If you are going to come by taxi, we recommend using the Tunnel Entrance. Please refrain from crossing the street without Tunnel.

Entrance and Registration:
There will be a registration for all the attendees where they will fill in a small form with their names and contact information. This is for our statistics and for future use in other similar activities. Please make sure to fill in this form on the entrance door with our representative.

Crowd and Discipline:
If the number of attendees will be enormous that will result in a crown on the entrance doors. We will coordinate the order of the entrance by organizing lines. We are sure that you will help us and respect the lines in order to have a quick entrance and registration for the festival.

Whether and Precautions:  
In the morning the weather will be sunny (you can swim if you want). At night it will be slightly windy; thus a jacket is a must. Please make sure to wear something in your foot that you can walk with on sand. The stage will be on the Sand. The children activities and the Market will be on the Asphalt.

Cleanness and Values:
There will be a sufficient number of Rubbish Bins, we urge you to refrain from throwing the waste on the sand. Please find the nearest Rubbish Bin and throw the waste in it. We hope to leave the Place as clean as it was.

Food & Beverage:  
There will be some snacks, drinks and water sold in the Beach, however if you plan to spend with us the whole day, you can bring your lunch from outside.

Our Support Staff:
If you need anything you can go to one of our Registration Tables and our Staff will help you. You can also look for people wearing "Start with Yourself" T-shirts and Tags.

Your contribution and little gift:
We were not successful in convincing large organizations, Sponsors and decision makers with the importance of what we do, and that art can change the behavior of the individuals. So we were in front of two choices; both are difficult to implement. We had to either abandon our mission and cancel the festival only because we did not succeed in influencing the decision makers in large companies, or take responsibility and accept the challenge and make a decision of doing the festival with the support of the audience.

For this reason, we decided that there should be an optional contribution to cover the costs of the festival.
After you make the registration you are free to contribute and take your little gift.

We Hope that you will spend with us a great day,
AGORA Family

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