Saturday, September 22, 2012


3-5 October 2012
1- Shaware3na Band

A 7-members band established in 2009. The Bands songs represent society issues. The uniqueness of the bands comes from their ability to mix between theater and music.  For more information about the Band please visit:
Contact Person: Amr El-Gendy 01009042017,

2- Khat A7mar Band
A group of youngn musicians mixing all colors of music. Their slogan is "Music Across the red line" that is why they chose this title for the band. In their songs they talk about the people and issues related to one's life. For more information about the band please visit:
Contact Person: Mohamed Magdy 01287224464 and Sarah Fahmy 01202807696 

3- Qarar Ezala
A newly established band in August 2012, trying to present alternative music style with the aim of spreading awareness about certain topics. For more information about the band please visit:
Contact person: Yaseen Mahgoub

4- Belma2loub Band

Established in 2012, performing Arabic Rock and representing the problems of this generation and the intergenerational gap. For more information about the band please visit:
Contact Persons: Hany Nagy 01222355059 and Ahmed Hawary Keko 01065652944

5- Ahmed El-Hareedy
As a rebellious young man, he found himself being drifted into dental studies, and copied into another dying soul template until music sparked his desire for another path.
Born and raised in Alexandria, for Ahmed writing poems started in 2005 as an outlet for his thoughts. The beats of Rap and hip-hop especially the music of his idols like Tupac Shakur,Biggie Smalls, Snoop dogg,Dr.Dre and others married his Alexandrian roots, and gave birth to the "rapper" in him. For more information about Ahmed please visit:

This project is in Cooperation with the Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue between cultures in the framework of Farah El-Bahr Festival 2012, funded by the British Council and supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum and Goethe-Institute Alexandria.

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