Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wasla band launching their First Album Ghanni

Finally, Wasla band are launching their first album titled Ghanni expressing meanings of freedom, hope, optimism, and connection. After more than a year of live performances Wasla band’s fans are looking forward to acquiring their favorite songs and listening to them on the go. Don’t miss the Ghanni’s exclusive airing on Wasla.fm this week!

Wasla band is unlike any other, where the members come from extremely different backgrounds and music schools. They were able to weave flamenco, funk, blues, country, Latin, jazz, hard rock and black metal to create a unique musical genre. The band members are six. Mohamed Afran is their vocalist, Ahmed Abdel Rasul plays the bass, Mostafa Daif and Mohamed Affara play the guitar, Karim Joola plays the keyboard and Ehab Lars plays the drums. Ahmed Abdel Rasul is currently in his military service, thus, Hani Yehia is replacing him.

Wasla band won Agora’s award for young emerging bands in context of its FORUM for young musicians in 2011, and proceeded in developing and improving their skills to reach professionalism. They had met during the revolution and discovered they all had common objectives. In complete harmony they were able to come up with music and lyrics that promote for cultural connection and strong social ties. With their contemporary music of multiple genres they have been able to inspire their audience for empowerment of Egyptian identity.

The album presents eight completely different songs, with different tastes and moods based on oriental rock. Want a little sneak peek into the album? The songs are titled Ana 7orr, Ana Mesh Nadman, Ghanni (the album name), Kan Yama Kan, Madinet el A7lam, Bokra A7la, and Wasat el Mo7eet. You can listen to the songs exclusively on Wasla.fm for 8 continuous days, a single song every day aired at two different times, 4 pm and 8 pm.

Agora, meaning in Greek “A Place for Gathering” is a place where people can meet and express their selves. They’ve provided an outlet for creative artists to take their chance and come out to the world in the best way. Wasla band’s album is a production of Agora and funded by the British Council and Agora.


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