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July 2016 Newsletter - AGORA EVENTS

July 2016 Newsletter
·        Ethno Cyprus Project
·        BAB ELBAHR Festival – Sousse (Tunisia)
·        Gender Equality and Non Violence workshops (Tanta, Portsaeed, Cairo)

For the second time, in partnership with the Euro-Arab Music Center, we are happy to announce the beginning of ETHNO CYPRUS Project. The project is taking place in Larnaca (Cyprus) during the period from 1 to 10 July 2016. The Egyptian participants are Salma Amr (Percussion), Seif Eldin (Vocal), Adham Elsayyad (Kawala), Mourad Soukkar (Percussion and Guitar), Mohammed Abdelsalam (Percussion and Drums), and Kariem Saleh (Media and Photography).
During those 10 days, 35 talented young specialists of traditional instruments and vocalists from Egypt, Jordan, Croatia, Belgium and Cyprus will explore their common cultural identity. Teaching each other for ten days through music workshops. They will create a concert program combining creatively the music sounds of the Mediterranean under the artistic leadership of Mr. Andreas Christodoulou. Ethno Cyprus is a part of Erasmus+ project.
The third edition of the Bab ElBahr Festival takes place during 14-16 July in Sousse (Tunisia). The festival aims at promoting cultural tourism and embedding culture in the daily life of the individuals, while also countering violence and extremism from a cultural perspective. The festival features discussions, debates, workshops and exhibitions as well as a festive day with public space performances in Tunisia and Egypt. Bab Al Bahr is a festival that educates, enlightens and entertains the public, with the direct promotion of cultural tourism in addition to developing the community to spread awareness to counter violence and extremism. The detailed program will be sent separately.
In partnership with the UNESCO Cairo Office and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we are organizing an awareness campaign about gender equality and non-violence. The campaign will features three arts workshops in Tanta, Portsaeed and Cairo, followed by a festival on 18 August in the HANAGER Theater (Cairo Opera House) featuring the results of the workshops.
The workshops will be on Photography, filmmaking and mural making with recycling materials. The output of all workshops will feature the point of view of the young people in the three cities about the topic "gender equality and non-violence".
The products created by Syrian refugees in framework of AGORA's program "economic development through arts" – supported by UNHCR and Caritas Egypt are available for sale online on
We also offer creative handmade products for special events, such as festival bags, pins, nametags, and unique giveaways for conferences. If you would like to support Syrian Refugees  or women who have no source of income, please do not hesitate to get your event giveaways handmade by them. 
For more news, open calls, campaigns and private sector events such as #AgoraActivations, please visit our page.
We would like to remind you that the theme we are adapting this year #year_of_morals_2016, where we are organizing several activities tackling specific behaviors. Six more months to go! If you are interested to cooperate or support please do not hesitate to contact us.
Joyful Eid and best Wishes,

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